Sustainable Pressroom Solutions
Sustainable Pressroom Solutions

Sustainable Pressroom Solutions

Sustainable Pressroom Solutions


Sustainable Print Flyer Thanks to Amerikal and our customers, millions of consumable goods are printed and packaged safely each day. Printing is one of the world’s oldest and largest industries. It encompasses food and pharmaceutical packaging, book, newspaper and magazine printing and so much more.

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We can help you make the transition from a traditional pressroom to a sustainable pressroom. Let us make a difference in the lives of your employees, customers and community by:

  • Reducing VOC emissions from your facility
  • Replacing hazardous and unsafe chemicals with safe alternatives
  • Extending roller life
  • Reducing the amount of pressroom chemistry you inventory
  • Creating a virtually odorless pressroom
  • Reducing paper waste
  • Increasing productivity and pressroom efficiency
  • Improving dry times on conventional inks
  • Reducing overall energy costs
  • Reducing solvent waste and eliminating the need to send hazardous materials off-site
  • Eliminating thousands of gallons of petroleum usage
  • Reducing the number of trees that are cut down each year
  • Creating a healthier work environment for employees


LAgraphicoFor LAgraphico, the decision to become more environmentally responsible began several years ago. The Southern California printer was handling a lot of projects from studio clients who were very environmentally conscious. Dan Stillwell, president and CEO of LAgraphico notes, “The printing industry is not the most environmentally friendly industry in the world, so we wanted to do our part to make a difference.” Today they run a healthy, odor free and sustainable pressroom thanks to their partnership with Amerikal in the production of a blanket wash that is almost completely VOC-free.

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