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      I.Mer – A.F.C. Automatic Fountain Cleaner

      By eliminating the ink keys with the IPC system the ink fountain now has a fixed smooth edge, perfect for wrapping a liner around.
      But why stop there?  The ingenious engineers at I.Mer have taken it several steps further by..

      • Adding a Fountain Roller Cleaner
      • Adding Magnetic Fountain Cheeks
      • Adding a Motorized Liner

      As you can see in the video above, development didn’t stop there..

      By incorporating an Ink Roller Wash System into the Automatic Fountain Cleaning System it is now possible to clean the entire unit or press in minutes

      How much more production if you could..

      Wash up in under “1 Minute”?

      Update your Remote Inking System with a Divided Ductor & Auto Fountain Cleaner