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Silicone Tank & Proportioning System

Silicone Tank

Silicone Tank..

No more buckets or tubs filled with old contaminated silicone at varying concentrations. Amerikal has developed a “Silicone Tank” specifically for the application.

  • 316 stainless steel tank for durability and ease of cleaning
  • Level Control – Mixes on-demand for fresh silicone
  • Water pressure activated proportioning pump
  • Filtration – Removes Fibers and other contaminants
  • Pump down for easy cleaning

Silicone Proportioning System

  • Chemical resistant feed pump is capable of 10 GPM
  • Check Valve on Silicone Feed Line
  • Pressure regulator assures accuracy and consistency

Accurate proportioning is central to Amerikal’s ethos of consistency enables repeatability.
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Silicone Tank and Proportioning System