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As we researched municipal and well water contamination around the USA it became blatantly obvious that there was a VERY simple Solution…

Introducing Amerikal’s
Water Purification System

Amerikal has developed an inexpensive whole home/small business solution that transformes even the most unpalatable well water into clean odorless “potable” drinking water.
Put an end to contaminated well water once and for all!

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All municipalities add anti-corrosion additives into their water along with chlorine.
These additives coat the water pipes along with the insides of your appliances and coffee makers.

The Amerikal filters remove all of these additives and more resulting in longer appliance life and better tasting water & coffee.


What It Does.

 By utilizing specific post treatment filters together with our proprietary water treatment, the Amerikal Water Purification System will remove odor, bacteria, sediment and rust from your water source.
Leaving your water potable, crystal clear & fit for drinking, cooking or washing.
Additional specific element pre, or post filters can be incorporated by request or as required due to water contaminates.
Nobody wants living things in their water, unfortunatly bacteria in water is common place and not just in contaminated well water, but in municipal water too.
Our proprietary peroxide H2O2 water treatment system KILLS ALL BACTERIA while dispercing without a trace.
You will be amazed just how clean we can make your water.

Made To Fit

Our Water Purification System cabinets can be assembled, stacked, or in left and right hand configurations.

Install in the Garage, Basement, Crawlspace or a handy Closet.

Exceptional By Design, Quality and Simplicity

  • Low Running Cost
  • Decrease in Toilet, Tub, Tile Staining
  • Increased Appliance Life
  • Cleaner and Healthier Rinsed Fruit and Veg
  • Decrease in Damaged Clothing
  • No Electrical Connection Required

Don’t live with contaminated water, Amerikal has the economical solution for converting well water into potable drinking water

NOTE: Water contaminates vary significantly from well to well and municipality to municipality. Your local contractor will determine if Amerikal’s water purification system is suitable for your particular water source.

Sparkling Clean Water From Amerikal

Water Purification Systems are installed and maintained by
qualified local contractors