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I.Mer Technology Automatic Fountain Cleaner (AFC) System

Automatic Ink Fountain And Roller Cleanup

Why It Matters

Raise your hand if you’re tired of the time and materials wasted in cleaning up post-production ink mess.

I.Mer recognized the opportunity to “close the loop” on ink delivery, building on its Ink Preset Control (IPC) System with fully automated ink fountain and fountain roller cleanup – tap the console control and cleanup is complete in minutes.


Designed to be quickly adapted to a wide variety of press types/formats

How It Works

I.Mer’s Automatic Fountain Cleaning technology includes three key elements…

Thin Film Ink Fountain Liner

With the elimination of ink keys, an ink fountain has a smooth edge ideal for lining with a thin removable film.  I.Mer takes it further with a motorized system which wraps up used fountain lining film, replacing it with fresh film…automatically.

Removable Ink Fountain Side Blades

Magnetic side blades mount to each side of the ink fountain during cleanup to guide ink and film.

Fountain Roller Cleaner

I.Mer’s Divided Ductor Roller is used in “reverse”, collecting excess ink from the distribution roller, returning it to the fountain roller where it’s automatically scraped away.

I.Mer Technology Automatic Fountain Cleaner (AFC) System