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Quality Filters At A Fraction Of The Cost

Amerikal has quality replacement filters for all your plant or home requirements.

Whether it be Flat, Bag, Air or Cartridge Filters you require, Amerikal has quality OEM replacements designed to match or outperform the original.
You don’t need to pay a fortune for quality filters.

If not directly interchangeable we have conversion adaptors to make our filters fit all major circulators and filter canisters.


See Just How Much You Can Save!

Glazed / Sintered

Are the fibers in your system coming from your own filter?
We eliminate loose fibers by using Sintered & Glazed materials in our Bag and Flat Filters

Made In the USA

You may not be able to tell from the price but our flat and bag filters are sourced, cut, and hand sewn right here in the USA.


Gusseted Bag Filters

Bag filter life and flow efficiency is greatly enhanced by Amerikal’s addition of gussets. Fluids can circulate the bags utilizing the entire surface area.

Unbelievable Price

OEM filters usually come with an OEM price tag. Amerikal’s filters are not only better, they are also far less expensive. Adapters available for simple installation.

Amerikal’s filters are used in industrial manufacturing applications such as:

  • Printing / OEM Replacements Available
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Pulp/Paper
  • Mining
  • Iron and Steel Manufacturing
  • Metal Processing
  • Paint/Pigments/Coatings
  • Plating



Standard is 50 micron nominal (about 50 micron not absolute)

Standard filters can be sold individually or in cases of 50

Custom filters can be ordered in a minimum quantity of 100

We have hundreds of filters available so please inquire about filters not seen on the website. The information above applies only to bag filters, flat filters and flat lofted pad filters.

UPGRADE Your Circulator/Tank By Adding Return Suction!

Uneaven pan temperatures are a major cause of Ink/Water operator issues. With our SIMPLE Return Pump and Filter replacement kit, you can significantly increase flow rates & stabalize your water pan temperatures. As an added bonus you also eliminate those time consuming floods! Add a power drain today!

Improve Filtration While SAVING MONEY

Higher Quality does not need to cost more – No-one Beats our Prices