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Temperature Control Units (TCU’s)

Amerikal TCU’s..

It may not be immediately obvious, but temperature plays as large a part in a press performance as the chemistry.

Temperature variations from operator to gear require that the press operator try to balance the water across the width to compensate. Needless to say the operator side gets too much water in the process.

Aside from these obvious water balance issues, inconsistency in temperatures makes it impossible to fully utilize Cip3 presetting as Ink Tack & Body are also impacted rendering the presets useless.

In conclusion Varying Temperatures = Varying Results

Don’t fight your equipment! Ensure your ink and water settings are consistent. Our TCUs contain heating elements so even a cold press’s inker is up to operational temperature.

Fountain Solution Circulator – Temperature Control

Keeping the printing units at an even temperature is achieved by the Zone Control in combination with the Fountain Solution Circulator It is imperative that the temperature in the water trays is even from gear to operator.
Amerikal’s circulators achieve this by chilling the fountain solution on the way to the press and utilizing power drains to generate high flow rates.

Circulator Chiller Broken? – NO PROBLEM

Amerikal has developed two smart solutions for printers who have lost there chiller tank compressor.

Temperature Control is just as important as the the chemicals you use.
Consistent and even press temperatures ensure your press performs at its optimum.

Adopt the Genesis® range of Pressroom Chemicals & Smart Technology TODAY!

Get the Control You Need With a TCU from Amerikal