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Temperature Control Units (TCU’s)

Our TCU’s have heaters, modulating valves,
and both
digital and analog gauges.

Amerikal TCU’s…

Temperature Control is just as important as the the chemicals you use.  Consistent and even press temperatures ensure your press performs at its optimum.

OUR TCU’s ensure GPM and pressure to compensate for…
• Pressure drop
• Roller size
• Number of water-cooled oscillator rollers
  per press unit

Our TCU’s are available in six different sizes…

• APC-1035TCU
• APC-1045TCU
• APC-1065TCU
• APC-1080TCU
• APC-1090TCU
• APC-10100TCU

Amerikal will calculate your press flow and pressure demands.
Call or e-mail us with any questions!

Get the Control You Need With a TCU from Amerikal