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      VEA – Printing Lubricant


      VEA – The Pressmans “Secret Sauce”..

      With multiple uses including..

      • Enhancing Ink Transfer
      • Tack Reducer
      • Roller Lubricant
      • Ink film stability enhancer
      • Anti-Skin
      • Roll-Up Aid

      Transfer is the Key!

      With high solid inks dominating the energy curable market many presses struggle to transfer the pigment down the ink train.

      In fact, you will find that with the damps off many inks struggle to transfer at all.

      Try it yourself, turn off the damps… after an initial flood, the color will simply fade away. Mix in 1/8 – 1/4 oz of VEA per pound of ink & you will be amazed how transfer returns. Even with normal printing see how much deeper and vibrant your colors are.

      Genesis® VEA Compliance

      „ ZERO VOC „ ZERO SARA title 313 chemicals „ ZERO Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s) „ Meets SCAQMD Rule 1171 Requirements and California Prop 65

      VEA’s uses are not limited to ink transfer

      As a Tack Reducer & Roll Up Aid it can save $1,000’s on restarts.

      Web presses can be a beast to get running, especially if you have wet tacky ink on the blankets. However, a quick spray with VEA makes restart web breaks and wrapups due to ink, a thing of the past.

      Unlike other lubricants VEA is fully compatible with press inks, so restarts are far cleaner significantly reducing restart waste.

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