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GENESIS Fountain Solution

Developed using the “LESS IS BEST” philosophy. You can reduce your fountain solution usage by up to 30% using GENESIS Fountain Solution. Not only is this ideal for printing on non-absorbent materials, but by running less water you also run LESS INK! Ink cost savings mean your fountain solution is essentially free.



High Quality Filters at unbeatble prices!

Bag, Flat and Cartridge Filters that replace most OEM filters for a fraction of the OEM price.

Custom Filters are also available on request


SMART Technology
Work Smarter NOT Harder
Amerikal has either manufactured or partnered with like minded producers, to offer a wide range of energy and waste saving solutions.
Improving both performance & quality while saving with short ROIs. 
4 Examples….

Fountain Solution Management System

A correct & consistent mix of fountain solution and water is critical to maintain minimum ink/water balance, equaling savings from reductions in ink, fountain solution & waste.



Deliver EXACTLY the ink you require to the printing plate!

By delivering the same amount of ink into the inker that is used on the substrate you DE-SKILL the printing process.



Cold air pours into your facility through dock plates all winter long, it costs $1,000’s in unnecessary heating. Stop the influx of cold air  with durable dock blankets from Amerikal.


Regulatory Compliant Pressroom Chemicals

Many pressroom chemicals & cleaning solutions contain HAPS, are HIGH VOC or are simply poor cleaners.

Aside from regulatory, environmental & health concerns, high VOC chemicals attack the plasticizers in printing rollers & blankets significantly reducing the lifespan of both.

Amerikal has developed a range of regulatory compliant, environmentally friendly, NO HAPS, Low / No VOC cleaning solutions for rollers, blankets, and equipment that won’t damage your budget, press, operator or the environment..


THINK - Thin Ink



The benefits of running THINK™ include:

  • Improved Ink Mileage (our customers report 10%-30% reduction)
  • Restarts are clean and to density almost immediately
  • Dry times are dramatically reduced
  • Reduction in tack provides better release and reduces or eliminates paper/board picking issues
  • Wider operating window with modern plate technology
  • Reduction in fountain solution and chemistry usage
  • Less spray powder is used in sheet fed applications


Regulation Compliance

Environmental Regulations state to state and nationwide are constantly changing and hard to keep up with when it’s not your primary focus.

You would be shocked how many chemicals “in press-rooms today” break current regulations!

Many manufactures don’t even list the hazardous compounds on their SDS sheets! Quality Of Chemical Safety Information

Don’t suffer the penalties of ignorance. Partner with a chemical supplier that provides a full range of regulatory compliant pressroom products that outperform the rest.

Eliminate HAPS & reduce your VOC’s today, partner with Amerikal and SAVE.


Consistency Through Process Control

Many printers struggle through no fault of their own

Never knowing that press and roller washes they use are back contaminating their dampening systems, or that the glycol in their fountain solution is breaking down their ink.
Foaming and feedback in the circulator tank provide a quick insight to these issues, but there are numerous other chemical & temperature related problems which are far harder to identify.

It is impossible to maintain consistency when you are fighting all these variables, and without consistency, it is impossible to repeat your results from one job to another.

Successful printers identify and repeat their successes while eliminating their failures, getting the same quality, time and time again with minimal waste.

By using compatible pressroom chemistry & maintaining set operational temperatures, the same settings will provide repeatable, profitable results.

Amerikal provides press-room chemistry and products that take the guesswork out of the lithographic process, providing you fully compatible chemistry with state of the art technology.

Repeat your Successes
Adopt the Genesis® Range of Pressroom Chemicals Today