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      Zero VOC’s, Zero Regulated Toxins, Zero HAP’s

      Additional Regulatory Compliant, Pressroom Chemistry From Amerikal

      Silicone Tank

      Zero VOC’s, Zero Toxins, Zero HAP’s

      Lithographic printers do not need High VOC’s, Regulated Toxins or Hazardous Air Polutants to print.
      Quite simply chemistry that contains or reqiuires these elements is BAD chemistry.

      Just because pressroom chemistries once contained these components, it does not mean that you still need them to print. On the contary Amerikal chemistry outperforms that of yester year without compromising the safety of the press operator or final consumer.

      Not all of our Pressroom Chemistry is listed on the website menu, here are a few of the other regulatory compliant pressroom chemicals we have available.

      Anti Foam – VERY Highly Concentrated – 1 Capful will suppress the foam in a Fountain Solution Tank

      Silicone – VERY Highly Concentrated – You pay for Silicone not additional water

      SSRA – Silicone based Die Release Agent & Surface Friction Reducer – Make tables slick for sliding products

      UVLRC – UV Aluminium Reflector and Bulb Cleaner

      Adhesive Remover – Excellent, highly evaporative solvent, but still with Zero VOC’s

      You don’t need VOC’s, Regulated Toxins, or Hazardous Air Polutants to print high quality.

      By removing solvents and petrochemicals from the printing process
      Amerikal pressroom products print cleaner and sharper
      Also see – Genesis Fountain Solution

      Adopt the Genesis® range of Pressroom Solutions TODAY!

      Regulatory Compliant Pressroom Chemistry