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Regulation Compliance

Regulations & Red Tape… Are you Compliant?

Do you know what chemicals you have in your plant?

Who decides what you use in your pressroom? Are they familiar with the latest chemical regulations?

Wouldn’t it be better to partner with a company that already supplies regulatory compliant chemistry to some of the biggest printers in the industry?

Genesis® Pressroom Products..


  • Federal 313 chemicals or compounds of 40 CFR Part 372
  • HAP’s chemicals of 40 CFR Part 63 (CAA)
  • California Proposition 65 listed chemicals or compounds


Are Your Bottles Up To Code?

OSHA requires that all chemicals are easily identified.

Amerikal’s  Magnetic Labels & Color Coded Bottles, make chemical identification a breeze – Contact Us for Pricing

Don’t leave Regulation Compliance to Chance

Amerikal has developed a full range of pressroom products, Tools and Equipment that not only comply with the latest regulations, they outperform the competition.

Get Compliant TODAY!