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2-Piece Can
Decorator Automation

Is your Can Decorator a major source of frustration?

Concord, Rutherford? No matter which model, 2 Piece Can Decorators suffer from a multitude of issues that generate, “Hold For Inspection” (Waste by any other name) from either color, or registration errors.
Many can printers take great pride in their ability to change labels fast, No matter how fast you can do it now. I.Mer, from Amerikal, can make you faster with automation specifically designed for 2-piece can decorators.


Ink Presetting Control (IPC)

No more ink keys!
I.Mers I.P.C accurately transfers the exact amount of ink required by the plate, ensuring consistent color and reduced waste.

Auto Fountain Cleaning

Gone in 60 seconds!
Turbo Charge your color changes with an A.F.C Automatic Fountain Cleaner. Wash all fountains simultaneously in… “Under 60 seconds”

Registration Solutions

Register errors are fixed at source..  High precision gears eliminate the most common register errors, also motorize Circ & Lat register controls for fast registration
I.Mer’s Can Inspection System is the ONLY “Real Time” inspection system to combine automatic Lateral, Circumferential & Color control.
Save thousands of cans each label by correcting issues as they happen not throwing them away later from H.F.I.

I.Mer didn’t stop there..
Even More Time, and Waste Saving Innovations

Automatic Color Cassettes ACC

Automatic Color Cassettes - ACC

Automatically filling the fountains with an ACC addresses two other common issues.. Ink Waste & Starvation.
PMS colors are expensive so only dispense the amount you need and never run dry with alarm notifications.

Automatic Plate Changer

Change the plates, not the cylinders. Fix registration errors at source by ensuring the plates are accurately aligned.

Reduce Solvent Use & Improve Cleaning with Amerikal’s MDAT Solvent
(Zero VOC’s, Zero Regulated Toxins)

Filtered Part Cleaning Tank

Why pay for solvent you hardly use & then pay again to have it removed as a hazardous waste?
Amerikal’s solvent management system filters the solvent significantly reducing or even eliminating disposal requirements.

MDAT Solvent

Eliminate Isopropanol Alcohol from your pressroom with MDAT or MDAT Litho.
MDAT solvent was specifically formulated as a cleaner for the Metal Deco Industry. As such, its cleaning properties are vastly superior to that of Alcohol, significantly reducing the amounts required to clean fountains, rollers or even cylinders.

Amerikal and I.Mer can help you improve performance & quality while reducing waste

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Whether you have a Concord or Rutherford decorator I.Mer and Amerikal can significantly improve your performance. Don’t wait any longer, reduce your waste & improve your quality by Automating your 2-Piece Decorator