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Fountain Solution Management System

Complete Management..

Don’t settle for yesterday’s technology when you can use tomorrow’s smart technology from Amerikal today.

It simply does not make sense to have a bath of chilled water sitting behind your machine, while your water trays have varying degrees of warm water in them.

Amerikal have addressed this issue in two ways, first and foremost we chill on the way to the press not in the tank, & secondly we significantly increase the flow rate across the pan, reducing the delta T (temp increase in the water).

Not only does this provide a far more even temperature across the width of the press, it also significantly reduces the energy required.


But we didn’t stop there..
While our fountain solution system does have a 30 gallon tank enabling an automatic press pump-down, it does not operate full. On the contrary, fountain solution is mixed just in time & is power returned through over 40 square feet of 20 micron filter ensuring the fountain solution in your water trays is as fresh and clean as possible for optimum performance.

Match this with our chemical proportioner system capable of 0.1 oz / gallon portion accuracy & you have a complete fountain solution management system capable of consistently & repeatedly supplying your machine with the right amount of fountain solution at the set temperature 24/7/365. 

Due to customer requests Amerikal now offers a smart multiple press solution. Feed multiple presses with cool filtered fountain solution “WITHOUT” potential cross contamination or temperature control issues. Contact Us for more information.

Circulator Chiller Broken? – NO PROBLEM

Amerikal has developed two smart solutions for printers who have lost there chiller tank compressor.

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Amerikal's - Fountain Solution Management System