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      Genesis® CaCO3

      Roller Stripping, Glazing / Calcium Build-up on your Rollers or Blankets?

      Get that Ink transferring again with CaCO3 – Cleaner/Additive


      Genesis® CaCO3 – Cleaner…

      Genesis® CaCO3 the smart safe way to remove calcium from your system.

      • Are you battling roller stripping, from glazing / calcium build up on your rollers or blankets?
      • Do you currently use vinegar or a calcium rinse for rollers?

      Genesis CaCO3 can assist in eliminating many blanket and roller issues associated with calcium deposits. When used as a final roller rinse, CaCO3 is extremely effective in removing calcium contaminants.
      Using CaCO3 in combination with Genesis® Roller Cleaning Paste  leaves rollers thoroughly cleaned and conditioned.

      CaCO3 -Fountain Solution Additive..

      CaCO3 may also be used as a fountain solution additive in extreme cases of roller stripping, glazing, plate blinding and/or paper dust deposits on blankets.

      CaCO3 will assists in stopping calcium deposits from adhering to ink rollers or filling the plates grain by keeping them suspended in the fountain solution.

      Add a measured percentage of CaCO3 directly into your fountain solution with a Chemical Proportioning System from Amerikal

      Genesis® CaCO3 Compliance

      „ VOC METHOD 24: 0.37 lbs. per US gallon in concentrate „ ZERO SARA title 313 chemicals „ ZERO Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s) „ Meets SCAQMD Rule 1171 Requirements and California Prop 65

      You simply cannot avoid Calcium, it is in coatings and a primary filler in the paper and board you print on!

      SEE “YOU NEED TO KNOW” (Where Does CALCIUM CARBONATE (CaCO3) in Offset Lithography Come From?)

      Calcium may be in your system but with Genesis® CaCO3 you can keep it under control

      Adopt the Genesis® range of pressroom chemicals TODAY!

      CaCO3 - Roller Calcium Cleaner and Fountain Solution Additive