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Genesis® Roller Cleaning Paste

(Perfect For Setting Roller Stripes)

Genesis® Roller Cleaning Paste..

Deep clean your ink train with Genesis® Roller Paste

Dried Ink, color to opaque white, or black to yellow can be quite a challenge. Regular washes simply don’t cut it and you have to wash multiple times to eliminate residual color contamination. Not with Genesis® Roller Cleaning Paste! Our non-grit paste will clean and deglaze your rollers leaving them like new.

Don’t fight your own chemistry!

As Genesis® Roller Paste does not use talc as its binding agent, it therefore does not introduce calcium into the rollers so washes out easier and far quicker than the competition.

Genesis® MRC Compliance

„ ZERO VOC „ ZERO SARA title 313 chemicals „ ZERO Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s) „ Meets SCAQMD Rule 1171 Requirements and California Prop 65

Adopt the Genesis® range of pressroom chemicals TODAY!

Press Chemicals that work together to enhance the lithographic process

RCP - Roller Cleaning Paste