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Coldset Ink has never dried so fast

Work and turn in minutes not days with the fastest drying coldset ink

Genesis THINK™ – Thin Ink Technology

Who needs UV or IR when there’s Thin Ink Technology?

Would you like to turn down the spray powder, or turn off those lamps? Now it is possible with THINK™, the latest addition to the Genesis® line of pressroom products.

Amerikal prides itself on doing things the right way — our innovative ink technology is no different. We have developed a high-solids ink without solvents that works in combination with, not against, the fountain solution.

Amerikal’s unique position as a fountain solution manufacturer allowed us to change the rules and co develop both Thin Ink and Genesis® fountain solution.  This translates to more stable emulsions at the plate surface than was previously thought possible.

Genesis® fountain solution will not attack or bleed the ink, ensuring the printed image replicates the plate image precisely. This yields significantly higher screen values and color brilliance.

THINK™ is not a petroleum-based ink, so does not rely on absorption into the substrate or evaporation to dry. The result is minimal ink and fountain solution usage never before imagined in Lithographic Printing.


UV Finish without the expense of UV Ink!

THINK™ Tomorrows Ink - Available Today