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      BRIGL & AUTOWASH 2001-40

      Extremely Effective Bio-Based Low VOC Press Wash / Roller Wash, Blanket Wash

      Low VOC Press Wash / Blanket & Roller Wash

      The Next Generation of Blanket and Roller Cleaners..

      Genesis® manufactures two low VOC Blanket Wash / Roller Wash / Press Washes, AW 2001-40 (Autowash 2001-40) and BRIGL (pronounced, BREEGUL). In an effort to eliminate petrochemical based raw materials, both utilize renewable resources grown on American farms. In fact, 90% of the raw materials in Brigl Wash are grown on American Farms. Both bio-based washes are extremely effective on cold set, heat set, UV & electron beam inks on both web and sheet fed presses. Just one of our press washes can clean blankets and rollers across the entire pressroom.

      The Difference is Clear!

      • One press wash can be used throughout your entire facility to effectively clean cold set, heat set, and energy curable inks
      • Genesis Low VOC Press Wash / Roller Wash is manufactured using renewable resources grown on American farms, is non-hazardous and safer for your employees, community and prolongs the life of your press and rollers
      • When used in automatic systems the waste wash can be processed into bio-diesel used to fuel trucks and equipment
      In 1989, Amerikal Products Corporation introduced Genesis, a full line of sustainable pressroom chemistries which includes fountain solutions and blanket and roller washes. Today, Genesis® continues to set the standard by developing innovative products that are easy to use, safer and more productive, resulting in lower overall costs.

      Genesis® BRIGL Compliance

      „ VOC’s = .52 lbs/U.S. Gallon „ ZERO SARA title 313 chemicals „ ZERO Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s) „ Meets SCAQMD Rule 1171 Requirements and California Prop 65

      Genesis® 2001-40 Compliance

      „ VOC’s = 4.8 lbs/U.S. Gallon „ ZERO SARA title 313 chemicals „ ZERO Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s) „ California Prop 65

      Need a cleaner with ZERO VOC’s? –
      MDAT Litho is the
      Zero VOC Press Wash / Roller Wash / Blanket Wash you want!

      What is different about Genesis® AW 2001-40 and BRIGL Wash?

      Unlike traditional low VOC press washes, AW 2001-40 or BRIGL Wash are not based on a combination of petrochemicals, water and soaps. Both Genesis washes are based on renewable resources grown on American Farms. These products cut and clean ink significantly better than competitive traditional washes and zero and low VOC washes.

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