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      Genesis® MDAT


      Genesis® MDAT..

      Genesis® MDAT – The Isopropanol Alcohol Replacement .

      Due to its rapid evaporation, alcohol has been the cleaning solution of choice for 2 piece can and Metal Deco printers across the board. However, as you probably already know it’s a very poor cleaner. Operators use copious quantities of alcohol, to soak & dilute the ink, flushing it away through sheer volume.

      Now printers have a choice!

      MDAT has been developed to not only evaporate fast, but is also a far superior cleaner. Using only a fraction of the amount previously used, MDAT will thoroughly clean your fountains and rollers significantly reducing the amount of solvent and rags required.

      Genesis® MDAT Compliance

      „ ZERO VOC „ ZERO SARA title 313 chemicals „ ZERO Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s) „ Meets SCAQMD Rule 1171 Requirements and California Prop 65

      Adopt the Genesis® range of pressroom chemicals TODAY!

      MDAT - Super Fast Evaporating Cleaner