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Genesis® Fountain Solution

The Challenge

Develop a line of regulatory compliant fountain solution that would work with…

• Coldset
• Heatset
• Energy curable inks
• Modern plate technology
• Film
• All other substrates


The Solution

Instead of “solventizing” the ink, Genesis provides a finer ink-water emulsion, resulting in less dot gain and proving to be compatible with modern plate technology.

Remarkable Results

Savings up to and exceeding…


Less Water


Less Ink


Less Waste


Less Dot Gain

The Reason is Simple

By having the fountain solution work with the ink
rather than against it…

Less Fountain Solution = Less Ink

Less Ink = Less dot gain

Less Water = Less Heat / Power to Dry


Genesis® Fountain Solution

Genesis Fountain Solution

Genesis® fountain solution is proven to…

• Reduce ink drying time
• Reduce dot gain
• Increase ink mileage
• Reduce paper waste

It works perfectly with all types of modern litho plates increasing operating windows across the board.

Our customers understand the difference — we invite you to experience the benefits of this revolutionary product.

93% of printers who try Genesis® with energy curable inks end up becoming customers


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Whether it be sheetfed, heatset web, coldset web, or energy-curable, there is a regulatory compliant Genesis®
Fountain Solution (“F.S.”) that will…

• Improve print
• Reduce ink
• Reduce water
• Reduce waste
• Reduce energy costs

Don’t put it off any longer — get the Genesis® fountain solution for your pressroom technology…

• Heatset Web – HSC+HR F.S.
• Coldset Web – CW F.S.
• Plastic/Paper Plates – WDP F.S.
• Sheetfed – THINK™ – SF F.S.