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Area Reader

Area Reader

AREA READER – Cip3 Preset

From Platesetter to Press..
Auto Processing of Pre-press .PPF files makes light work of Press Cip3 Auto-setting


Area Reader Technology Enables…

  • Set press configuration
  • Set plate Size
  • Preset IPC or ink key system parameters
  • Set Rotation / Mirror
  • Auto process for multiple press sizes
  • Output to different press specific folders
  • Hot Folder Auto Processing
  • Process folder as single job
  • Open and Inspect PPF Files
  • Color preview / coverage calculation
  • Auto Process PPF, PDF or TIFF files
  • Auto delete old files
And a host of other features


2 Piece Can Decorators

2 Piece Can Decorators

2-Piece Can
Decorator Automation

Is your Can Decorator a major source of frustration?

Concord, Rutherford? No matter which model, 2 Piece Can Decorators suffer from a multitude of issues that generate, “Hold For Inspection” (Waste by any other name) from either color, or registration errors.
Many can printers take great pride in their ability to change labels fast, No matter how fast you can do it now. I.Mer, from Amerikal, can make you faster with automation specifically designed for 2-piece can decorators.


Ink Presetting Control (IPC)

No more ink keys!
I.Mers I.P.C accurately transfers the exact amount of ink required by the plate, ensuring consistent color and reduced waste.

Auto Fountain Cleaning

Gone in 60 seconds!
Turbo Charge your color changes with an A.F.C Automatic Fountain Cleaner. Wash all fountains simultaneously in… “Under 60 seconds”

Registration Solutions

Register errors are fixed at source..  High precision gears eliminate the most common register errors, also motorize Circ & Lat register controls for fast registration
I.Mer’s Can Inspection System is the ONLY “Real Time” inspection system to combine automatic Lateral, Circumferential & Color control.
Save thousands of cans each label by correcting issues as they happen not throwing them away later from H.F.I.

I.Mer didn’t stop there..
Even More Time, and Waste Saving Innovations

Automatic Color Cassettes ACC

Automatic Color Cassettes - ACC

Automatically filling the fountains with an ACC addresses two other common issues.. Ink Waste & Starvation.
PMS colors are expensive so only dispense the amount you need and never run dry with alarm notifications.

Automatic Plate Changer

Change the plates, not the cylinders. Fix registration errors at source by ensuring the plates are accurately aligned.

Reduce Solvent Use & Improve Cleaning with Amerikal’s MDAT Solvent
(Zero VOC’s, Zero Regulated Toxins)

Filtered Part Cleaning Tank

Why pay for solvent you hardly use & then pay again to have it removed as a hazardous waste?
Amerikal’s solvent management system filters the solvent significantly reducing or even eliminating disposal requirements.

MDAT Solvent

Eliminate Isopropanol Alcohol from your pressroom with MDAT or MDAT Litho.
MDAT solvent was specifically formulated as a cleaner for the Metal Deco Industry. As such, its cleaning properties are vastly superior to that of Alcohol, significantly reducing the amounts required to clean fountains, rollers or even cylinders.

Amerikal and I.Mer can help you improve performance & quality while reducing waste

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Whether you have a Concord or Rutherford decorator I.Mer and Amerikal can significantly improve your performance. Don’t wait any longer, reduce your waste & improve your quality by Automating your 2-Piece Decorator

IMER AFC Automatic Fountain Cleaner

IMER AFC Automatic Fountain Cleaner

I.Mer – A.F.C. Automatic Fountain Cleaner

Automatically Clean Press Fountain And Fountain Roller

By eliminating the ink keys with the IPC system the ink fountain now has a fixed smooth edge, perfect for wrapping a liner around.
But why stop there?  The ingenious engineers at I.Mer have taken it several steps further by..

  • Adding a Fountain Roller Cleaner
  • Adding Magnetic Fountain Cheeks
  • Adding a Motorized Liner

As you can see in the video above, development didn’t stop there..

By incorporating an Ink Roller Wash System into the Automatic Fountain Cleaning System it is now possible to clean the entire unit or press in minutes

How much more production if you could..

Wash up in under “1 Minute”?

Update your Remote Inking System with a Divided Ductor & Auto Fountain Cleaner



Genesis® MDAT

Genesis® MDAT

Genesis® MDAT – The Isopropanol Alcohol Replacement.

Due to its rapid evaporation, alcohol has been the cleaning solution of choice for 2 piece can and Metal Deco printers across the board. However, as you probably already know it’s a very poor cleaner. Operators use copious quantities of alcohol, to soak & dilute the ink, flushing it away through sheer volume.

Now printers have a choice!

MDAT has been developed to not only evaporate fast, but is also a far superior cleaner. Using only a fraction of the amount previously used, MDAT will thoroughly clean your fountains and rollers significantly reducing the amount of solvent and rags required.

Genesis® MDAT Compliance

• VOC Method 24: 0.170 lbs per U.S. Gallon In Concentrate
• ZERO SARA Title 313 Chemicals
• ZERO Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s)
• Meets SCAQMD Rule 1171 Requirements
  and California Prop 65


Adopt the Genesis® range of pressroom chemicals TODAY!

MDAT - Super Fast Evaporating Cleaner

IMer Remote Ink Control System

IMer Remote Ink Control System

When we were researching Ink Control Systems capable of delivering the exact pre-calculated volume of ink to the plate, we found only one…

I.Mer Remote Ink Control System
The I.P.C – Divided Ductor Roller

De-Skill Ink Presets with a Remote Ink Control System from I.Mer

Unlike other Remote Ink Control Systems, I.Mer’s Divided Ductor Roller was developed for the VERY demanding two piece can industry. Not only did it survive this harsh environment, it thrived being retrofited to over 85 can decorators.

I.Mer Cip 3

The main benefit of a divided ductor over conventional Remote Ink “Key” Control Systems, is the ability to transfer the exact amount of ink required in any zone without compromising other areas of the plate.

With a Divided Ductor it is possible to print solids & spot color side by side. No more spiral ductors for light coverage, or wrenches for heavy.

The operation of the Divided Ductor removes the variables associated with existing remote ink control systems.

Ink “key” system variables such as, operator sweep control, key wear, key calibration, sticking keys & hydraulic lift are all eliminated. 

How It Works

 The Divided Ductor System utilizes a fixed blade to establish a uniform ink film thickness on the fountain roller.

As the sweep is a fixed percentage of press speed, any hydraulic lift of the fountain roller, or film thickness variation, is repeatable & can easily be accommodated using offset parameters.

Now that a consistent ink film thickness has been established, extremely precise ink feed can be accomplished by automatically varying the dwell time of the divided ductor roller segments against the fountain roller. 

If you look closely at the fountain roller you can see the ink profile reflected in the ink film.

What You Are Watching..

  • To the left you can see the ink fountain has a small sausage of ink maintained by the ACC system.
  • The fountain is lined with a thin film and enclosed with magnetic end cheeks. (See Auto Fountain Cleaner)
  • The fountain roller is carrying a uniform ink film thickness across the entire width.
  • The un-energized Divided Ductor segments maintain contact with the ink train.
  • When energised the segments contact the fountain roller.
  • The time, individual ductor segments contact the fountain roller, is dependent upon the image profile, predetermined by the Area Reader.
  • Contact will be longer for areas of heavy coverage.
  • In areas of no coverage the segments do not move.
  • While in very light coverage the segments energize intermittently.

Additional Video – Heidelberg with I.Mer Remote Ink Control 

Designed using the KISS philosophy the Divided Ductor system eliminates many of the variables associated with ink key systems.
Pneumatically energized with spring return there are only 4 moving parts/section. The Divided Ductor system is a perfect example of less equals more.

I.Mer have successfully de-skilled not only the operation of ink setting but also the functionality of the system itself!

WAIT! There is More.. How would you Like to Wash Up in "1" Minute?