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Hanging Bag Filter

A Quality Hanging Bag Filter at a fraction of the OEM Price

Higher Quality Lower Cost Hanging Bag Filters

Amerikal’s Hanging Bag filters are made right here in the USA from high quality sintered and glazed materials, eliminating many of the “loose fiber” issues associated with imported filters. See our “Gusseted Bag Filters” – Superior flow and Filtration Available in 25, 50, 100, and 200 Micron – Std = 50 Micron

Quality Hanging Bag Filters - Made In USA

Hanging Bag Filter with 0.75″ wide Safety Band

Item # 3450
Width: 7” Dia Ring
Length: 16.5”
Polyester Felt

Hanging Bag Filter with Safety Band

All Standard Filters are 50 Micron Unless Otherwise Stated

If you are unsure if a particular filter bag is compatible with your application, or if you require a special filter in either micron filtration or physical size please call Amerikal to discuss we are always happy to assist.

Improve Filtration While SAVING MONEY

Higher Quality does not need to cost more - No-one Beats our Prices