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Genesis 950

Genesis 950


Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser

Genesis 950® Concentrate

The ultimate multi-purpose cleaner…

  • De-Greaser
  • Ink Remover
  • Stain Remover
  • Odor Removal
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Carpet Cleaner
  • Surface cleaner

Cleans Your Tools, Equipment, Factory or House

Genesis® 950 is not your typical soap or solvent, it is a specifically engineered surfactant system. It was primarily developed to attract printing ink molecules holding them in suspension to be washed out with a water rinse.

However, customers that use 950 started reporting a multitude of other applications ranging from pet stain removal to engine cleaning and the list continues to grow.

Genesis® 950 works with water to break a stain’s molecular bonding. Once broken, the stain becomes water soluble and can be simply rinsed, wiped, or wet vacuumed away, removing both the stain and any associated smells.

Use Genesis® 950 to clean your equipment, floors, carpet, kitchens and bathrooms. It is truly an All Purpose Cleaner.

Genesis® 950 is now used by industry & consumers throughout the USA with professionals using Genesis® 950 in cleaning services, car detailing shops & even crime scene clean-up.

Genesis® 950 Compliance

• VOC Method 24: 1.3 lbs per U.S. Gallon In Concentrate
• ZERO SARA Title 313 Chemicals
• ZERO Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s)
• No California Prop 65 Ingredients

INFO: Genesis® 950 Concentrate – Mix with water 7:1 for Light Surface Cleaning, 1:1 for Heavy Staining, Rinse Thoroughly

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Genesis® 950 - Multi-Purpose Cleaner