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Multi Press Fountain Solution System

Multi Press Fountain Solution System

Multi – Press / Pressroom

Fountain Solution Management System

Complete Pressroom Management..

Don’t settle for yesterday’s technology when you can use tomorrow’s smart technology from Amerikal today.

It simply does not make sense to have a tank of 100 Gallons + of chilled water feeding your entire pressroom. Even with chilled circulating loops there is no control and the furthest press gets the warmest water.

Not only that but the long runs pick up all the heat in the pressroom so your chiller needs to work twice as hard to maintain temperature.


Introducing Amerikal’s Smart Pressroom Solution, our Multi-Press Fountain Solution Management System address all the negatives of a plant wide system, while providing accurately mixed fountain solution at the exact required temperature to all your machines. Only one machine? See Fountain Solution Management System

How do we do this….

Main Tank

First and foremost you need the correct fountain solution mixture, Amerikal incorporates our industry leading double additive proportioner to precisely control, fountain solution and additive mixing down to 1/10th of an ounce/gallon.

Accurate mixing saves $$$ by eliminating over consumption of fountain solution but more importantly weak mixes that will quickly generate excessive press waste.

Once you have the correctly mixed fountain solution it requires storing in a sufficient quantity to feed pressroom demand, so Amerikal utilizes a 100 gallon vessel for storage, but it doesn’t stop there. Unlike most pressroom fountain solution systems we do not keep a bath of chilled water hundreds of feet from the press & we do not return press contaminated water back into the tank. The Amerikal storage tank is continuously agitated via a spillback to avoid separation but more importantly feeds fresh fount to each press on demand preventing cross press contamination.

At the Press

The primary function of any press side fountain solution tank is to circulate and filter, unfortunately most manufacturers do not understand the importance of flow to control pan temperatures so have restricted feeds and many times venturi returns. 
Amerikal used positive feeds and power drains to 
increase the flow rate across the pan, reducing operator / gear temperature differences as well as the delta T (temp increase in the water), significantly reducing the energy required to maintain temperature. 


Amerikal’s Multi-Press Fountain Solution Management System does not chill the main tank, we chill where it is needed “the pan feed line” By chilling on the way to the water pans energy usage and temperature fluctuations are kept to an absolute minimum. Our press side chillers are self contained 120V Industrial Water Chillers and are an inexpensive plug in solution for our system or any tank that has a failed refrigeration unit.


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Circulator Chiller Broken? – NO PROBLEM

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Amerikal's - Fountain Solution Management System